Helping Individuals Manage Transitions in Life: BetterLyf with Rishta Dobara



BetterLYF recently teamed up with Rishta Dobara, an exclusive second marriage matrimony portal. "We have customers contacting us for relationship counseling, grief counseling, and marital therapy, so partnering with Rishta Dobara made perfect sense."

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There is a shame associated with giving love a second chance “If it did not work once, how will it work again.” “What will they say, how will I face the world?” Second marriage comes with its own challenges like a stigma, baggage of the first marriage, being a step-parent, financial issues, managing grief, fear of failure, relationship or family conflicts, and personal concerns.


Processing and facing our own difficult emotions and thought becomes equally important and necessary before starting afresh in life. The challenges and the dilemma about being married again needs to be addressed. Just like second marriages, a lot of shame is associated with seeking help especially for mental health.


BetterLYF has recently collaborated with Rishta Dobara which is an exclusive second marriage matrimonial platform. “We have clients reaching out to us for relationship counseling, grief, marital therapy and it made perfect sense to partner with Rishta Dobara. They are not just normalizing second marriages but also helping individuals find companionship which is a part of leading a happy life. Thats what the mission of BetterLyf is as well.” says BetterLyf co-founder Varun Handa.


BettrLYF via Rishta Dobara aims to help individuals manage transitions and equip them to transform their experience in life into a meaningful perspective and learning. Any change in life can make us question ourselves, instill doubt and make us feel hopeless.. Online therapy helps one build confidence and equips you with tools and strategies for a better interpersonal skills. “Its just not about navigating a life situation but also helping them find themselves and create  meaningful relationships.” adds BetterLYF Co-founder Varun Handa.


BetterLYF is an online counseling platform that provides confidential therapy sessions with a team of in-house psychologists. They have individuals mostly reaching out for relationship concerns, breakups, couples and marital counseling, depression, insomnia, anxiety, improving confidence, workplace stress and work-life balance. They also offer Employee Assistance Program to corporates and institutions to sensitize and assist on building resilience and personal growth. BetterLYF is the leading online mental health platform in India and has had 250K+ sessions over  the past 6 years.

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