GEIPE Cancer Therapy- A Promising and Revolutionary Mouth Cancer Treatment!



GEIPE Cancer Therapy is an effective and non-toxic way to treat mouth cancer! GEIPE device is the best for mouth cancer treatment at home.

Press Release

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Are you looking for an effective mouth cancer treatment? Do you want to avoid toxic cancer treatments and their side effects? Consider GEIPE Cancer Therapy! It is the most effective, non-toxic, scientific and non-invasive treatment for mouth cancer.

With GEIPE Cancer Therapy, you need not worry about undergoing chemo or surgery. GEIPE device is a revolution to transform gloomy cancer treatments. It uses gentle-direct current (DC) to block the enzyme RnR to halt tumor growth. This novel cancer therapy is called Gentle Electrotherapy to Inhibit a Pivotal Enzyme (GEIPE).

GEIPE Cancer Therapy helped cancer patients who were not responding to conventional treatments. If you do not like to undergo conventional-toxic cancer therapies, consider GEIPE Cancer Therapy for the best results.

GEIPE Cancer Therapy is a scientific way that proves to be:

  • Non-toxic
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Non-invasive as it uses surface electrodes!

No doubt, it is the best mouth cancer treatment available without side effects.

Patients can contact us via the internet to get the GEIPE device for treating mouth cancer. Our GEIPE device is best suited to treat such cancers with minor supervision. This gentle electrotherapy, in general, is applicable to a variety of near-surface cancers.


GEIPE CANCER TREATMENT, INC is a California Non-Profit Tax-exempt Charity. They aim to make cancer patients aware of an effective and non-toxic treatment. Visit our website for more information about effective GEIPE cancer therapy!