Green Door Fitness Offers Personalized Fitness Programs



    Green Door Fitness Offers Personalized Fitness Programs

    Press Release

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    Green Door Fitness is pleased to announce it is capable of providing its members with personalized fitness programs. The gym is located centrally in Denver, making it accessible to individuals throughout the city. While all individuals are encouraged to visit Green Door Fitness, the gym specializes in offering its services to those who are new to the gym, as well as older members seeking a quality workout tailored to their needs.

    Founder Matt Hammel has been a personal trainer since 2001 and has more than 30,000 hours of practice training individuals to achieve their goals. At Green Door Fitness, every individual has access to a personal trainer every time they visit. This can be a great push for those who need additional encouragement, as well as for those who need assistance in developing a plan that will help them accomplish their unique goals. Those who are looking to work freestyle have this option available to them as well.

    One of the many things that sets Green Door Fitness apart from other gyms is the caring and compassionate nature of its trainers, who are ready to help members by boosting their confidence and keeping them accountable.

    Those looking to learn more about Green Door Fitness can contact them online or give the gym a call at 303-667-7047.

    About Green Door Fitness: Green Door Fitness is a Denver Green Certified Business and has been since 2014. The gym was recognized by the 5280 editors in 2016 for being the best gym in Denver. It offers a variety of services, including personal training and classes.

    Company: Green Door Fitness
    Address: 2404 E. Colfax Ave.
    City: Denver
    State: Colorado
    Zip code: 80206
    Telephone number: 303-667-7047
    Email address: [email protected]