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    Purple Angel Healing Centre offers best private sessions and courses for corporate wellbeing and large companies.

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    Purple Angel Healing Centre offers best private sessions and courses for corporate wellbeing and large companies. Claudia Boymouchakian, founder of Purple Angel Healing Centre aims to help humans heal their body, mind and spirit. You can visit her website for more information about the courses and sessions.

    As more and more spiritual healings are being considered there is number of ways found that heal the body, mind and spirit. Crystal power healing is one such healing technique that is fundamentally a substitute form of action which has been around for longer. As compared to other top holistic treatments, countless people recommend the crystal healing after experiencing its power.

    There are number of powerful healing therapies, including Reiki, Angel Therapy, Shamanism, Crystal Healing, spiritual healing therapy and Intuitive Healing that can help you convert and produce the life you dream of! Claudia is an experienced healer with follow-up care and support directions from Angels and enables you to build up and create your potentiality.

    Following are the courses offered by Claudia Boymouchakian:

    1. Reiki
    2. Crystal power healing
    3. Trinity of blessings
    4. Shamanic Reiki
    5. Meditation & Mindfulness
    6. Sound Healing Therapy

    “The Reiki 1 workshop was a lovely day spent with strangers that at the end of the day I felt I knew – and I wanted the day to last longer! The class was very well organised and the centre was well equipped. A joining of like-minded people with energy that lifted our vibrations. I left feeling very positive, centered and calm, with joy in my heart. Thank you, Claudia!” Lulu, Sydney

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    About Claudia

    As the founder of Purple Angel Healing Centre, Claudia Boymouchakian was born in Argentina, and now she resides in Sydney, Australia, with her lovely husband and dog Cimi. As a Certified Angel Intuitive she is psychic healer who not only works Angelic Realm but also in touch with the Angels and gets their guidance from her early childhood.

    For additional information about energy stones and crystals and her healing practice and to take part in her private sessions, visit her website:

    Contact info:

    0413 20 25 89

    [email protected]

    Riverwood, NSW