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Virti is an award-winning immersive business learning solution for healthcare and beyond.

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Virti ( is one of the best providers of VR medical training right now, offering immersive training which allows individuals in on-demand, interactive learning experiences from the comfort of their handheld devices or wearable headphones.

According to a report released in the BMJ, medical negligence is the third most common cause of death in the United States and costs health care providers up to $20 billion in payments. The company’s dream was to create a modular training tool that could be accessible on-demand, was enjoyable to use and could transform subjective knowledge (such as leadership skills) into quantitative evidence for evaluation to enhance human efficiency and minimize error. They achieve their dream by making experiential experience inexpensive and open to everyone on the planet.

The company’s team of experts and customer satisfaction executives will support you with the design and development, curriculum incorporation and roll-out and implementation. Their team will collaborate with their loyal clients to define core goals and work progressively to better prepare for smooth execution. If their clients are having trouble creating their curriculum or have a custom project in mind, Virti has their in-house content production team that will help plan, create, and deliver tailored strategies to address particular organisational objectives.

Their award-winning training system enables clients and business owners to communicate, interact and train their staff remotely even when face-to-face interactions and training activities are not available. Train online and confidently everywhere, at any time on any smartphone or computer. Their production team uses L&D concepts and behavioral science expertise to help clients develop content rapidly and effectively, giving the customers the most practical learning experience possible.

Through their immersive and repeatable training, specific evidence-driven perspectives can include quantitative employee success data that would typically be subjectively measured or ignored during real-world training opportunities. Users also have increased interpersonal connections, sympathy, and commitment. Their immersive training is also available to large scale users, which can significantly lower a client’s expense for training and employee development activities.

To know more about their immersive training and other services, interested parties may go to their website at

About Virti

Virti is an award-winning immersive business learning solution for healthcare and beyond. Virti facilitates the production and cross-platform delivery of interactive, immersive (VR, AR, and MR) instructional content and offers analytics that intelligently forecasts how users can respond under stress before experiencing the real world. The company can make training enjoyable and easy with gaming and interleaving content types that are on-demand and repeatable.  The company incorporates data-driven observations that help users learn more efficiently and boost their results. If you are a business owner that is interested in hiring them, an online contact form is available on their website at