COVID-19 Safety and Precautionary Measures Taken by Sai Niwas PG in Delhi NCR



Sai Niwas Boys PG in Dwarka trying to set a new standard, lead from the front, in providing residency services to the boy’s student & working men.

Press Release

2020 was a tough year for the whole world due to the massive impact of COVID-19 global pandemic, that led the entire human race into a complete shutdown. Lockdown was imposed in almost all countries to control the spread of the deadly virus, that hit China at the end of 2019. Rest of the world fell into its grip in 2020. The spread was so fast that by the first three months of 2020, the entire world was in its trap, including India. Like all countries, the government of India not only imposed lockdown across the country but also announced a set of restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. After a few months of lockdown, the government announced the unlock process with restrictions. Businesses that were closed for months started opening slowly and paying guest accommodations in Delhi, and hostels were amongst them.


Sai Niwas is one such paying guest facility for boys in Delhi NCR that has opened after months of complete lockdown. Though the hostel faced a major loss during the lockdown, when it opened, it opened with all safety measure announced by the government very seriously.


Precautionary Measures at Sai Niwas Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Here are some of the safety and precautionary measures followed at Sai Niwas to protect its staff and hostel inmates from infections.


  • Social distancing is stringently followed, proper distance in almost all areas is maintained
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the entire hostel premise regularly
  • Cleaning and sanitising the kitchens, dining spaces, bathrooms, and the common areas from time to time
  • Tables, chairs, dining space, and all other spaces and things that are utilised by many people, are disinfected after every use
  • Every time staff and inmates go outside the premise and come in contact with people from outside the hostel, they are asked to disinfect themselves
  • Every item and grocery coming from outside are first washed and sanitised before use
  • Outsiders are not allowed inside the premise, and if allowed, then they have to follow the rules set for outsiders by the hostel authority.
  • Sanitisers are made available and kept everywhere for the staff and hostel inmates
  • While interacting with others masks are must inside the hostel
  • Kitchen staff follow proper safety rules during cooking and serving food. They are asked to avoid people from outside to maximum possible.


Sai Niwas follows all the above health and safety measures to protect its staff and hostel inmates from the virus infections. To know more about them and their safety measures, you can contact them on the below contact details.