Eyebrow Feathering Services



What to Consider While Having Eyebrow Feathering Services

Press Release

Women of every age have a dream to look beautiful and they practice so many beauty treatments. Cosmetics and makeup play an important role in enhancing the beauty of women. Every woman is concern about adding beauty to the eyes through permanent eyeliner and eyebrow enhancement. With changing times, there are many new advanced treatments and methods that come up concerning eyebrow enhancement. Eyebrow feathering is one of them. The other trends that add beauty to the eyebrow may not last long but eyebrow feathering is going to go far as it is gaining popularity day by day. It is also known by many names such as micro feathering, and feather tattoo eyebrows.

About eyebrow feathering

It is a cosmetic procedure wherein a precise blade is used to fill in the gaps between the individual hairs in the brows. It is a more customized and light process that gives a more beautiful and natural look to the eyebrows. At first instance, it may look scary, but the same is not as it seems to be. During the treatment process, only minute cuts are done on the uppermost layer of the skin which is filled up with dye that gets absorbs. This technique uses cosmetic tattooing, which results in upgrading thin and patchy eyebrows to look natural and beautiful. Fine hairlines can be seen which is done by implanting micro-pigments.

Benefits of eyebrow feathering

Some of the benefits of having the treatment are as under:

  • Since the ink is not used, the color does not fade. Pigments are used that gives a natural look.
  • Natural and similar eyebrows are created through a single stroke.
  • It saves a lot of time and money that is usually spend on the makeup of the eyes.

The treatment does not hurt due to the anesthetic effect. The sound of blade scraping may cause discomfort. It is required to grow the eyebrows completely before having the procedure. When they will be grown more, the procedure can be done easily by matching with the exact color and will give better output also. Since eyebrow feathering gives a natural look, it can be costly but it is based on different treatments.