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July 2021, Texas: The most important part of a shower is a waterproof system in the surrounding areas!

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July 2021, Texas: The most important part of a shower is a waterproof system in the surrounding areas! In today’s era, applying a waterproof barrier is an essential part of preparing for shower installation. Also, these showers are luxurious and beautiful. Shower Waterproofing Membrane is a permanent solution to waterproof a shower to avoid any moisture seepage in the surrounding walls or floor.

The correct waterproof material& method does not allow moisture to pass through it. In the wet areas of your home, waterproofing applies suitable membrane product to make sure no steam escapes from the wet areas go into other parts of the walls & floor. A proper waterproofing system ensures that the moisture drains away. The main reason for mold & mildew growth is moisture that penetrates through the walls or stays behind the tiles. When you clean the mold with harsh cleaners like bleach, the mold disappears for a few days then comes back. The reason is that the moisture penetrates and stays behind the tiles.

The old technique which majority of the contractor’s use is to apply a liquid membrane like Redguard and applying it manually over tile backerboard with a paint roller. However, like any manual method there’s possibility of minute open areas that can let moisture through. Your Dream Remodeling using latest materials like backerboard that are already waterproof, waterproofed shower trays that are pre sloped and membrane systems with Lifetime Warranty.

Also the old method uses a vinyl liner which has to be installed correctly in order to waterproof the shower floor. Unfortunately there have been a lot of shower failures due to the incorrect application of the vinyl.  This is where hiring the right contractor that understands and utilizes the correct materials & methods to build a shower that will last for decades without failure.

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