Exciting Facts About Trademarks Registration And Trademarks



It is essential to note that your trademark gains its full power only when you register it

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In your day-to-day lives, several trademarks are used. Google and Facebook are trademarks. Did you know that Coca-Cola was registered as a “nutrient or tonic beverage” way back in 1893? If that makes sits up and take note, you will be amazed to know that Listerine has its trademark as early as 1903, and it continues to be so. Trademarks that are often undervalued are actual business superpowers. There are several interesting facts about trademarks that would give you an idea about their importance and power. Even when the business world has evolved, the significance of trademarks cannot be negated. Trademark registration in Kolkata is easy and according to the law.

Trademarks Do No Expire

Few things are forever in this fragile world. Albeit, Trademarks. Once you register your trademark, it is forever. With a simple renewal process every 1o years, trademarks can serve their purpose for eternity. It is fantastic to know that some very common trademarks and brand names are older than you think. Trademark registration in India is simple and does not involve a high cost. Yet, it is a concrete step towards securing your business. It can be related to products or services.

There Are Various Types Of Trademarks

Have you noticed how many different types of trademarks are there? It is fun to note that there are various types of trademarks; if you are thinking about registering your trademarks, you have fun read the following section:

  • Fanciful and arbitrary marks- You can attract your buyer’s attention by using random words. They might be fanciful, go by the local dialect or anything that stands for your brand. The arbitrary mark may not have any relation with the services or products of the company. A brilliant example is Apple; it has a very distinct dictionary meaning and is unrelated to the products it represents.
  • Suggestive Marks- These types of trademarks may have a connection with the products or services they represent.
  • Descriptive Marks – These types of trademarks are used to describe goods or services.
  • Generic marks- These can be linked to general words related to specific industries or products. Like a generic trademark for milk could be “fresh milk.”

Not all trademarks are of equal strength. A generic trademark may be considered weak as compared to a suggestive mark.