CR Control Systems, Inc. Announces Marine Red Lights Manufacture & Supply Services



CR Control Systems, Inc- a leading global supplier of marine lighting equipment, has recently announced the introduction of navigational red lights designed for vessels of all types. These LEDs have been designed to be used in underwater applications for fishing boats and other vessels.

Press Release

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CR Control Systems Inc, a leading marine lighting equipment manufacturer & supplier, has released their newest product, the Marine Red Lights.

Marine red lights by CR Control Systems, Inc. are of high quality and efficient enough to provide light at full power for an extended time, and they are USGC approved. The company’s new product is made by combining high-quality materials with cutting-edge engineering to withstand harsh environments while still providing bright illumination.

Marine Lights are custom manufactured for marine applications based on vessel size and mounting location to meet Coast Guard regulations.CR Control Systems marine lighting equipment is mounted in a marine environment; thus, anyone can trust this company’s products.

CR Control Systems marine red light solution offers a combination of the following:

  •  Red marine glow pipe light heads provide a safe and reliable way to illuminate marine running lights, navigation lights, and stern lights for commercial vessels at night. Custom-manufactured marine lights are designed specifically for each marine vessel application.
  • CR Control’s marine red light marine red lights provide a cost-effective, long-lasting, and energy-saving marine light solution to illuminate marine running lights, navigation lights, and stern lights for commercial vessels.
  • CR Control’s marine lighting equipment includes marine green light and marine blue light for commercial marine vessels, such as fishing boats, tug boats, yachts, tugs to meet USCG lighting requirements.

“CR marine red light combines functionality with marine style and elegance,” stated Malcolm Harper, marine controls manufacturer and marine red light product line manager. “The marine red light system is the simplest way to control marine navigation lights without sacrificing style.”

CR Control System’s marine red light system provides remote control activation of exterior marine navigational lights. The lights also provide other facilities like the activation of remote marine navigation lighting for interior marine bollards and deck or cockpit sealed beam marine lights. The marine red light system also contains a signaling horn that alerts boaters or watercraft operators of the vessel’s presence through an easy to distinguish short-blast marine signaling sound.

CR Control’s marine red light systems can be integrated with boat lift or platform trailer automation systems for controlling concealed marine lighting in conjunction with marine or boat lift operation.

To learn more about CR Control Systems, Inc. and its services, visit the official website

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Located in Lebanon, NH CR Control Systems, Inc is a global company that has done business with government and private companies throughout the world. Marine navigation lighting solutions offered by CR Control Systems, Inc. are very powerful and effective.

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