China Dental Market by Segments, Companies, Forecast by 2026



China Dental Market will reach US$ 17.7 Billion by 2026. Forecast, Impact of COVID-19, Industry Trends, Growth, Opportunity Company Overview, Sales Analysis.

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Dental care has remained a relatively unconventional and distinct segment of the mainland China healthcare sector. Unlike other specialities, dental care services in China are provided by both hospitals and stand-alone clinics. Leading dental schools also have developed vital stomatology hospitals in their regions, providing complex and comprehensive treatments. In recent times, public knowledge of oral hygiene has increased, giving the sector excellent growth potential in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Hence, across different regions in China, the dental industry has become an essential aspect of healthcare. The segment permits doctors to realize multi-site licenses and unrestricted licenses in the most accessible manner. According to Renub Research, China Dental Market will reach US$ 17.7 Billion by 2026.

The primary dental care segments in China include Preventive Dentistry, Dental Lasers, Implants (Titanium/Zirconium), Endodontics and Orthodontics. The market has been expanding dramatically over the last few years, notably in urban and more developed regions where people have more money and are more willing to pay for these services. In addition, orthodontics is now much more familiar amongst adults, which were previously seen as a treatment for teenagers only. As the economy unfolds, people are more inclined to care about oral health and aesthetics. Again, demand for dental treatments, including preventive and cosmetic care, is expected to grow significantly. The China Dental Industry is consequently triggering the opportunities to be progressing at a substantial CAGR of 15.91% through the forecast period of 2020 to 2026.

The current Dental Market in China is dominated by the leading international providers, including Sirona Dental Systems FoshanCo., Danaher, 3M Co and Straumann. Competition in the dental equipment market in China is intense. Leading foreign brands entered the country decades ago and have formed a stable base for competition in the dental device sector. As per our analysis, China Dental Market Size was US$ 7.3 Billion in 2020.

COVID-19 Impact on China Dental Market:

In the immediate term, the pandemic has severely hampered the Dental Industry in China. With several residents postponing or cancelling their dental appointments to limit their potential exposure to the infection. In addition, widespread job losses and ongoing economic uncertainty also have caused numerous people to avoid out-of-pocket health care expenses, such as those linked with dental treatments.


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