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Castlemore has released a document expressing a few things for their valuable customers to maximize their tax returns.

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Toronto, ON, 18 March 2022 – Castlemore has released a document expressing a few things for their valuable customers to maximize their tax returns. Castlemore, an accounting giant provides exceptional guidance for their customers to submit their tax returns on time with accuracy.  They help small businesses and startups with their tax preparations by simplifying them.

According to the newly released document, a tax refund isn’t a gift or something that you should wait for. CRA refunds your money if they collect more tax than what was rightfully due, so it’s a return of your own money!.

When we talk with the spokesperson, the company’s expert team is updating themselves with deductions and credits as per the latest government laws to provide their customers clarity about boosting tax returns. In fact, if you suddenly wake up and realize that you forgot to claim your eligible deduction or credit almost 7 or 8 years ago, you still can make a request to CRA for a review of your past returns.

As per the company’s document, to maximize your refund you need to keep track of all eligible expenses and deductions and also keep up with the CRA’s changing tax rules. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to increase your tax refund.  Contribute to your registered Retirement Savings Plan, an effective way to maximize your refund, almost 18% of your yearly income you can send to it. If you have a low income, you can apply Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) and thus maximize your tax return.

Some deductions such as childcare expenses, home office expenses, moving expenses play a vital role in tax refunds. Senior citizens and people living with disability with their credits can gain more tax refunds. Castlemore’s income tax return Caledon services provide the best in the industry services on income tax filing.

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Castlemore is a leading company providing help to their customers in income tax filing Caledon. Because of their customer’s trust and satisfaction, individuals, small business owners’ corporate businesses count them for their reliable and quick support from filing a tax return, business consultations, and payroll services.


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