Warehouse Direct Furniture Adds New Website Feature



“Now you can buy your new sofa or couch from the wholesaler. We are the importer, without you having to visit a store. Or go through an overpriced retailer’s inventory.”

Press Release

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There is a reason why we are called wholesalers. Manufacturers or importers and not retailers. But, it would be nice if they could tell us what the price of the sofa or couch will be when it’s delivered. It’s great that we have a choice of furniture. Yet, I do not like the idea that we have to rely on one supplier. I would much rather have a choice of several suppliers.

The fact that you can’t get the price until the delivery date, is a way for them to try to make more money out of you. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this because the sofa and couch are being imported. There is no guarantee that the same manufacturer will sell them in Australia.

The only way that I can see is you can get the same price. If you buy it at a furniture liquidation store. Because then they can negotiate a price with the manufacturer. I agree that there is a reason why the supplier cannot give us the price. They are trying to save money by not paying the wholesaler’s commission.

What is it? When you visit the Warehouse Direct Furniture homepage. You’ll notice that the main focus is on the wide array of products available. The design of the website is simple and clean, with a bright white background. But, when you click on “Shop by Category” on the top right corner of the page. You’ll see that there are two more sections on the page: “Home Decor” and “Furniture”. If you look closely, you’ll see that the first two products are from the Home Decor category. If you click on either of those product pages. You’ll see that they have slightly different layouts than the rest of the products on the page. This is an example of the warehouse direct furniture homepage layout.

When we think of furniture stores. We usually think of a huge warehouse with rows of sofas, couches, chairs, bed frames, tables, etc. But, what if you could save a lot of money? This is exactly what you’ll find at Warehouse Direct Furniture.

The store is located in the heart of Perth, Western Australia. And has an incredible selection of furniture, mattresses, home accessories, and much more. The team at Warehouse Direct works hard to make sure that they offer quality products. At the lowest prices possible.

What Do They Offer? Warehouse Direct Furniture has an amazing range of products and services. Their friendly team of professionals is always on hand to help you find the right item for your needs.