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    The release discusses about various business insurance coverages provided by Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency in Brownsville, TX.

    Press Release

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    Brownsville, TX/ 2019: One of the most important prerequisites of starting a business, is the purchase of appropriate insurance. The main goal of a business insurance is to provide full protection to the business investment at the right price. Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency provides business insurance services to customers in Brownsville, TX.

    The agency aims to provide affordable insurance to financially protect business owners from any sort of business mishaps which can be either natural or manmade. The amount of insurance coverage depends upon numerous factors such as the size of business, service or products that the business offers, etc.

    Types Of Business Insurance Policies:

    1. Commercial Property: It provides coverage to business properties from damage caused due to fire, theft, etc. It covers the office building or structure along with furnishings, inventory, machinery, computers, etc.
    2. General Liability: It provides coverage in case of legal claims against the company; if it is found guilty or responsible. It also includes the medical expenses of people injured due to company’s fault.
    3. Workers Compensation: If the employees are injured on job during the period of their employment, the insurance covers the costs of medical expenses and lost wages.
    4. Commercial Auto/Vehicle: This insurance plan covers all the vehicles owned by a business.
    5. Professional Liability: The company is provided coverage if it has been sued for failure to perform its job efficiently. It includes legal costs up to the policy limit.
    6. Commercial Umbrella: Business liabilities that do not come under other insurance policies are covered through this plan.
    7. Farm and Ranch: It provides coverage to people that depend upon their farms and animals for earning their living.
    8. Inland Marine: It covers valuable goods like golf equipment, computer and photography equipment, motor truck cargo, etc. that are being transported or shipped.
    9. Other Coverages: A wide range of coverages including Kidnap and Ransom, Medical Malpractice, Contractors, Business Package, Equipment, Flood and Bonds are also offered to business customers.

    For further information on business insurance policies in Brownsville, TX; visit 148 N. Sam Houston Blvd, San Benito, TX – 78586 or call at (956) 399 – 1353. You can also check the details on