Barnacle Busters- Best Underwater Yacht Maintenance Company in Ft Lauderdale



Barnacle Busters is one of the best yacht maintenance firms in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Press Release

Barnacle Busters is one of the best yacht maintenance firms in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The company provide their services in Palm Beach, Martin and Broward Counties. They always involve in maintaining the vessel in good working condition. Their valuable services are available by 24/7 including every weekends. Underwater Propeller Repair, Prop Speed Application and Zinc replacement are their prestigious services offered for the customers.

Boat Bottom Cleaning:

Boat bottom cleaning is one of the regular underwater cleaning offered by the company. Running gear cleaning, waterline scrubbing and zinc checking are included in this. Monthly sailboat diving service and Monthly powerboat underwater cleaning service are the two major plans offered in boat bottom cleaning. Whenever you are going for a long journey, you can avail small maintenance before the trip starting. This activity will make you vessel to work in minimal fuel consumption.

Underwater Propeller Repair:

The firm can handle all your propeller bends. Their team members can lift up your propeller and recondition it within the fixed time. They have various special upgraded equipments to renovate the propeller as fast as possible. They have a 25 ton Hydraulic Prop Puller to effective pull the propeller to 60”.

Prop Speed Application:

Prop speed is a protective coating given to the propellers to remove unwanted scaling over it. The prop speed will enhance maximum fuel efficiency and it can be applied after every propeller reconditioning. They have no biocides, copper and it acts an environmental friendly one.

Zinc Level checking:

Zinc elements are placed on various parts of the boat bottoms. It leads to electrolysis reaction which will weaken the shafts, propeller and other underwater parts. It leads to unwanted cracks and damage to boat bottoms. Replacing the zincs will eliminate the damage and prevents the corrosion on it. Professionals will look on the problems on your boat and they took necessary action on it. They also provides these prestigious services at an affordable cost.

About Barnacle Busters:

Barnacle Busters is one of the licensed underwater yacht maintenance firms in Florida. They have more than 25 years of experience in the field of underwater yacht maintenance. They can help you by providing all types of services whenever your boat faces repairs. For more details about boat bottom cleaning please visit


10456 Riverside Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens,
Florida 33410

Phone: 561-625-4484