8 Best Employee Experience Platforms for your business in 2022



The employee experience (EX) platforms are the future of human resource management. With the rise of artificial intelligence and AI, it's clear that predictive analytics will be a key component in guiding organizations' business models over the next few years.

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Fortunately for you, there are plenty of EX platforms available in the marketplace today and more on the way—and if you have an organization-wide adoption strategy in mind for your company, now is time to start learning about them!

SAP SuccessFactors
SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based HR solution that helps companies manage their employees from hiring to retirement. It provides a 360-degree view of the employee lifecycle,
and it’s used by millions of customers worldwide.
SAP SuccessFactors offers:
● Employee experience analytics—measures how well employees are performing on
tasks, which helps you identify what’s working and what isn’t
● Talent management—manages your entire talent management process from recruitment
all the way through exit interviews with top performers

ADP Workforce Now
ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based solution that provides human resources management and payroll for small to medium-sized businesses. It helps you manage your employee data,
automate HR functions such as benefits enrolment, performance management, time and
attendance tracking and more.

Kronos Workforce Ready
Kronos Workforce Ready is a cloud-based employee experience platform that helps you manage the entire workforce lifecycle. It’s available in a variety of plans, starting at minimum

Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone OnDemand is an integrated cloud-based platform. It’s a comprehensive HR
solution that helps companies manage all aspects of their workforce from recruitment to
onboarding, performance management and more.

BambooHR is an employee experience platform that helps companies manage their people,
processes and technology. The company has a flexible pricing structure that allows you to start with a free trial and pay as you grow.

OrangeHRM Open Source
OrangeHRM Open Source is a web-based HR management system that allows you to manage
employee records, benefits, time and attendance, and training and development. It’s built on the PHP programming language so it can be used by anyone from beginners to experts in the PHP community.

Oracle Taleo
Oracle Taleo is an employee experience platform that helps organizations of all sizes to improve their workforce, increase engagement and optimize performance.

QaizenX works on creating prolific and innovative experience products and services that cater to every enterprise’s need. With our 10+ experience in the industry, they help organizations gather and act on feedback with the right technology and the right solutions.
QaizenX is a cloud-based platform that has become one of the most popular employee experience management (EIM) solutions for companies of all sizes.

The employee experience (EX) platforms are the future of human resource management. They allow companies to understand their employees better, engage them more effectively and grow their business.