Zemmour Style Moroccan Kilim Rug Collection Online At Weberber



Explore the traditional Zemmour style Moroccan Kilim rug collection available in unique patterns and textures online at WeBerber.

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You can buy online a versatile Zemmour style Moroccan Kilim rug at Weberber. The Kilim rug collection here is available in intricate woven textures and unique geometric patterns. The hand-woven Moroccan Kilim rugs available at WeBerber are traditional rugs with great value. These Kilim rugs are the perfect addition to mid-century, modern, and classic furnishings. Hand-woven in Morocco, these Kilim rugs have become popular among designers and trendsetters.

At this online store, you will find Kilim rugs with stunning textile art and artistic patterns to choose from. Compared to the newer and commercial counterparts, these Kilim rugs are a one-of-its-kind and affordable alternative. The Moroccan rugs are hand-woven in the Zemmour weaving style (from the Moroccan Middle Atlas Mountains). Available in rich hues, tones, these rugs can bring life to any space.

Kilim rugs are a great addition to any part of your homes like the bedroom, living room, or hallway. Hand-woven with wool, the Kilim rugs feature traditional Zemmour tribal designs. This work of art can bring character and distinction to any space. You will also find here Kilim rugs superior embroidery and sequins with varying Berber motifs.

A few lines from WeBerber,” We offer beautiful and original Moroccan hand-woven Kilim rugs. Our rugs represent one of the best art forms of Amazigh culture. Women in our Berber tribes use the finest quality natural wools, native dyes, and organic cleans to make each carpet unique and outstanding. We carefully supervise the entire handcrafted process (shearing, spinning, and dying the wool to weaving, washing). 

Our original collection of hand-woven Kilim rugs is precious and unique. WeBerber is all about traditional looms, skilled weavers, and unique rugs. Our collection is one-of-its-kind and of a superb standard.   

We are committed to supporting communities of weavers and fair trade. Giving back to the local community is what we believe. WeBerber observes sustainable systems of production and distribution. 

We aim to provide authentic Moroccan Kilim rugs online. WeBerber ships order anywhere in the Globe. Our all orders shipped via FedEx International Air from Rabat.”

About WeBerber:

Abdelghani Hammoud, the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family in the Middle Atlas Mountains, created the Brand WeBerber in 2017. WeBerber is a trustworthy online source of hand-woven Moroccan wool Berber rugs. This online source offers intricately designed handmade Berber rugs with vintage flair at affordable prices. Here you will find Azilal Abstract rugs, Beni Ourain rugs, Zemmour rugs, Boucharouite rugs, and more. There are diverse arrays of Moroccan carpet styles and Berber rug treasures at WeBerber.