www.property852.com Becoming a Popular Choice for Landlords and Tenants in HK



    www.property852.com is a real estate portal that provides customized solutions to both tenants and landlords.

    Press Release

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    Prospective tenants in Hong Kong are no longer wandering through the streets of Hong Kong looking for a place to rent. Sitting in the comforts of their homes they are able fix up everything online with landlords on www.property852.com.

    www.property852.com is a real estate portal that provides customized solutions to both tenants and landlords. It serves up a list of certified properties based on your budget and offers you the option to choose a tenure period as per your preference. The spokesperson for the portal recently said at an event, “We only work with private property owners and real estate companies that are bonafide. This helps in removing any chances of unlawful activity and ensures that the listed properties adhere to the highest standards as set by the government agencies.

    According to a study done in 2019 by Demographia, it takes on average 20.9 years for a family to save up enough to buy a home in Hong Kong. The city has continued to remain one of the most expensive in the world. All this is fueled by continued industrialization that leads to a steady rise in the population of the city. This further resulted in an average per capita space of just 12 m2.

    As revealed in the by-census done in 2016, the share of private estates in the private permanent housing sector is about 53.2%, while public housing accounts for a mere 29.1%. Therefore, a huge number of people are now looking for places to rent in areas like Kwun Tong, Taikoo Shing, Aberdeen, Kowloon, and such.

    The official adds, “If finding a place to buy a place of your own is difficult then searching for a property to rent, especially in the areas listed above, is a grueling task. There is a huge chance that you will get duped by frauds and will also lose out on good cost-effective and transparent transactions.” This is now changed with the rising popularity of www.property852.com.

    About Property 852

    Property 852 is an online portal built to provide you “the tenants” an easy and hassle-free way to find and lease an apartment in the city of Hong Kong. The portal is developed in a way to send you periodical alerts if in case a property matches your criteria. However, do keep in mind that Property 852 is neither a broker nor a realtor in itself. It is merely an aggregator bringing landlords and tenants together.