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GeoBizOps Launches the World’s Largest & Most Affordable Solicitation/Tender Database with Matching Proposal Templates, Saving its Clientele 50% or More in both Time & Money.

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Proposals as Easy as 1-2-3 • Bid More/Win More has made the Proposals Process SIMPLE.

After locating an Opportunity that the User would like to bid on the World’s Largest Solicitation/Tender Database, by NAICS, Location or Keyword Search or Dashboard ALERT, the Client simply clicks “Order Template” & within a fast & guaranteed 24-48 hours they will receive a Precisely-crafted, Word-formatted, 100% Compliant Proposal Template as per Sections L, M and the SOW instructions of the Solicitation/Tender after it is Reverse Engineered (deconstructed) by our Expert Shipley Proposal Writers resulting in 100% Proposal Compliance & the Client avoiding Rejection for Non-compliance.

It really has never been easier & more affordable to compete – ® Clients simply follow the instructions (MATRIX), fills in the blanks, adds pricing, executes the Proposal/Amendments & sends to the Contracting Officer – On-time & Compliant each & every time!

Our Services are Revolutionary & have many Benefits to Companies of all Types & Sizes Worldwide:

  1. Reduction in Proposal Production Time: Creating a Proposal Template is time-consuming & sometimes quite frustrating. Reading the Solicitation (making certain not to miss anything) and laying out the Template so that it is 100% Compliant each time is serious work and takes trained Professionals. That is exactly what we have done. Since our Proposal Templates have already been laid out by our Proposal Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – all our Clients focus on is putting together the requested information, creative solutions for the Contracting Officer & best pricing.
  2. Fair & Open Competition: Our Proposal Templates are used by Small/Mid-sized Businesses that thought that they could not afford to bid on GLOBAL Opportunities.
  3. Reduction in Proposal Costs: Since 50%-75% of the time-consuming work has been done for your Team ® – your Company will see an immediate reduction on time spent on Proposals.
  4. Quality Control: Our Clientele are also using our Proposal Templates as an Excellent Quality Control Measure, making certain that their Proposals Team is submitting COMPLIANT submissions.
  5. Personalization: Since the Templates are downloaded in Word with the required paper size, font and font size completed for the Client – the Template can be Personalized with your Company’s Logos, Slogans, Pictures, or other Branding to make it stand out to the Contracting Officer or Project Owner.
  6. Are your Subcontractors slowing you down? Our Proposal Templates tell your Subcontractors exactly what content you need for them.

Value-added Services:

  • We also produce Custom-built Proposal Templates for Commercial Opportunities & Grants.
  • Need your Submission or RFP Documents Translated? We will translate your Proposal into more than 30 languages.
  • Require Cost Estimating or P6 Scheduling Support? Our Members have you covered, again at affordable rates, so that your Team may bid/win more.