World’s largest AI videobot platform of career guidance experts helping fresher graduates and working professionals land their dream career..



World’s largest AI assisted career guidance videobot platform of 2500+ industry experts helping aspirants land their dream careers.

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[Name] is a marvel organisation functioning as a bridge between the organisations and consumers. You have set a milestone in domains across a variety of arenas. 

We would like to get your attention to our vision in marking a journey with aspiring individuals and helping them land their dream careers.  


Expertrons is an Edtech platform that operates on the novel AI Videobot technology. Challenging the conundrums of ever-vacillating market trends, our aspirants go through a professional metamorphosis with a series of training, expert consults, and projects, thus helping them transcend their limits and reach competence for their dream profiles. 


Our platform offers 60,000+ minutes of career hacks provided by our 3000+ experts, alongside training for resume building, soft skill development and interview prep.


Aspirants get in touch with domain-specific Experts from top-tier organisations who guide them through 1-on-1 consultations and provide referrals. They can also explore the career-enhancing Academy+ program and meticulously curated Expert Capstone project to bolster their competency for the desired profile. 


Experts can contribute to the world’s largest library of videobots. They can share their field-specific intricacies and experiences through shooting the Videobots and helping the aspirants garner ideal skill-set for their desired career domains. 


We prognosticate success and target empowerment by helping the youth unravel their competencies for all kinds of market paradigms.  


Now, you too can become a part of this vision of humanitarian benevolence by helping us attain a place on your platform to spread the word. Your impeccable range can enable millions of aspirants to reconstitute their faith even in such an ambiguous market. 


It would be an honour to get associated with such a prominent organisation like yours. 

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