Workability Of VFD and PLC Panel Manufacturer In Kolkata



Overall, PLC and VFD panels provide much-needed protection as well as efficiency in industrial establishments.

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A VFD panel or Variable Frequency Drive is a kind of controller for motors. It runs on electricity, and it is varying by the voltage and frequency of the power supply. These panels can also control the ramp-down and ramp-up of a motor when it switches on and off. VFD Panel Manufacturer in Kolkata offers more than the monitoring power supply of a motor. VFD panels can also come in handy to control motor speed. Thus, it’s also referred to as a speed controller.

Reasons To Control Motor Speed

  • It helps to reduce mechanical stress to expand the lifespan of machines.
  • Increases system efficiency by saving energy.
  • Saves power consumption that reduces the need for hefty motor size.
  • Transfer power into hybridization applications.
  • Improves workability of an Industrial environment.
  • Matches drive speeds accordingly to the requirements.

Due to this, many benefits of using a VFD panel can control more than one machine, such as fans, compressors, and pumps.

Types Of VFD Panels

VFD panels offer diversity. Since these panels are widely workable in the industry, the need to construct VFD according to different type of tasks is a given. VFD comes in single-phase and three-phases to suit a range of applications. These different panels also vary in applying different methods for voltage and frequency control.

How VFD Panel Brings Work ability In The Field

  • VFD panels are used for improving environmental protection and keep all the important motors and machines from harm’s way. This panel does not let build-up dirt, protects from moisture for providing longevity.
  • VFD panel helps to save energy in big industries and reduces the risk of overloading.
  • Protects industries from electrical damages, such as short circuits, power loss, etc.

PLC panel Work ability

Just like VFD panels, PLC panels are also used by mega industries as an automated and customized control process. These panels also control pumps, lights, fans, circuit breakers along with different machinery. And PLC panels are capable of providing data upon the usage of the above machines.

Best Working Advantages for PLC panels

  • These panels can be programmed easily due to their comprehensive program language.
  • Specially designed to withstand humidity, noise, temperature, and vibration.
  • Controller has interfacing inputs and outputs inside.

Reasons For Choosing PLC Panels

PLC panels have become an undeniable part of big factories and mega industries, and there are several reasons behind it. PLC panels provides a much-needed balance in the work field, for which it is a very preferred motor controller.