Wooly Mahoosive Offers Exclusively-Designed Giant Yarns For Faster Knitting



    Woolly Mahoosive provides various gigantic yarns suitable for making heavy-knit garments and home decor.

    Press Release

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    Woolly Mahoosive (https://woollymahoosive.com/) offers specially-made giant yarn for various knitting projects like chunky blankets, scarves, and many more. This company uses different kinds of materials like wool and acrylic for their threads.

    One of the yarns they’re offering is the Merino yarn made of merino wool, which is soft to the touch and comes in four metres per 100 grams. This is a luxury product, so the company suggests to only use professional dry cleaners for knitted projects made of Merino yarn.

    Another product you’ll find in the shop is the Mammoth yarn, which is made of acrylic. This particular yarn is affordable, and parents may buy it for their kids who also want to try knitting. Compared to Merino yarns, knitted projects made of Mammoth yarn don’t need to be dry cleaned but should be washed using a delicate cycle in the washing machine.

    The yarns mentioned above can be either arm knitted or by using giant knitting needles and crochet hooks to different kinds of items. According to Woolly Mahoosive, “These giant yarns are ideal for those wishing to complete a project in next to no time. Arm knitting being super quick. You can whip up a Chunky knit blanket in an evening”.

    Their giant threads are available in different colours, allowing customers to choose the most appropriate one that complements their outfits or interior design. This company can send a small sample of their yarns to interested parties, allowing them to personally see how it looks like and check its actual colour. In addition, the company can also assist buyers in determining the right amount of yarn to buy. For the company to give specific answers to queries sent via online contact forms, buyers only need to provide the size of their knitting project and whether it will be arm knitted or with the use of crochets.

    This company strives to deliver products to its customers the day after the order has been placed. Buyers are encouraged to give telephone numbers so that they can directly send tracking information to them about their orders.

    About Woolly Mahoosive

    Woolly Mahoosive provides various gigantic yarns suitable for making heavy-knit garments and home decor. The extremely chunky threads available through their online shop can be used to create blankets, rugs, and many more. All of their yarns are exclusively designed and ideal for arm knitting, which is helpful for completing projects in just a short time. For queries, you may call 01904 607402 or email them at [email protected] You can also fill out their contact form at https://woollymahoosive.com/contact.