Woolly Mahoosive: The Best Source For All Your Chunky Arm Knitting Yarn Needs And More



Woolly Mahoosive is a company that sells giant yarns to customers looking for a convenient and reliable source in the UK.

Press Release

Woolly Mahoosive (https://woollymahoosive.com/) is pleased to offer unique, exclusively-designed yarns that come at different price points. As one of the UK’s go-to companies for purchasing arm knitting yarn and other related products, they are a trusted provider of a wide range of giant yarns. Customers are guaranteed to find a product that meets their requirements or budget.

One of the company’s best products is “Get Stuffed”, a 100% polyester stuffed tube yarn. It is 2.5 centimetres thick, making it great for knitting chunky double bed runners and blankets. Customers can also choose between elegant Dove Grey and Mushroom Pink colours when buying this item. A 1-kilogram ball of Get Stuffed costs £49 and can be purchased in sizes up to 10 kilograms.

For those who prefer giant needle knitting or finger crochet, “Get Stuffed Too” is a thinner alternative that is perfect for these. At 2 centimetres thick, this cotton-stuffed polyester yarn is ideal for making household wares and blankets. It comes in eight lovely colours, including Red, Blue, Mint, and Lilac. One kilogram of this material costs £30 and is enough to make a single crochet basket.

In addition to yarns, the company also offers convenient kits for making scarves, blankets, and household decorations. A great example of this is their heart-shaped wreath making kit, which is perfect for beginners aged 12 years and up. For £19.50, customers get 450 grams of the company’s Get Stuffed Too yarn, a heart wreath frame, and instructions. The finished result is a beautiful Heart Wreath that can be a fantastic gift or attractive wall decoration.

To interested parties, kindly note that all prices mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.

For those who are new to arm knitting, the Woolly Mahoosive website is a great beginner’s resource. It contains many helpful tips on the arm knitting process, as well as detailed tutorials for unique projects like chunky yarn Christmas trees. The website also provides links to some of the top arm knitters in the community, giving buyers inspiration for their own creations.

About Woolly Mahoosive

Woolly Mahoosive is a company that sells giant yarns to customers looking for a convenient and reliable source in the UK. Their exclusively designed yarns are ideal for arm knitting projects and are available at many different price points. The company also offers a wide range of other products, such as giant knitting needles and crochet hooks. If you have any concerns, you can contact their friendly team by filling up the form at https://woollymahoosive.com/contact. They can also be reached by calling 01904 607402 or sending an email to [email protected]