WLTHX Airdrop is Live!



WLTHX has launched its official Airdrop campaign across its social media channels.

Press Release

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WLTHX  is more than just a digital coin; it’s your ticket to making more money easily. By holding WLTHX, you earn cashback and get access to other tokens at low or no cost, growing your wealth. Your investment is safe, thanks to our built-in price support, and is set to grow over time. With WLTHX, making money is simplified, secure, and rewarding. Get on board and watch your wealth grow!

WLTHX is all set to launch its official Airdrop campaign across its social media channels. If you want to earn some quick tokens without having to do a lot, join the airdrop now.

WLTHX Token Airdrop — Introduction

An airdrop event is a token distribution campaign, where a project or company distributes some of its coins/tokens as a promotional event in the hope of gaining initial marketing and positive word-of-mouth.

With the same purpose, the WLTHX has launched its airdrop, where it will be giving away free WLTHX tokens to anyone who joins the campaign and performs a series of simple social activities.

Airdrop Start date: 26th October, 2023

Airdrop End date: 8th November, 2023

Total WLTHX for each Participant– 2000 WLTHX

Total Airdrop Value for each Participant — 2000 x $ 0.01 (price per token) = 20$

Airdrop is limited to the first 10,000 participants. First Come, First Earn!


How to Join our Airdrop?

Perform the following tasks to complete the campaign and win reward tokens:

Step 1: Open Airdrop Link: https://gleam.io/tyAWY/wlthx-airdrop-program

Step 2: Join the WLTHX’s Telegram Group:

Step 3: Like & Follow WLTHX’s official Twitter handle:

Step 4: Subscribe to WLTHX’s Official Youtube Channel:

Step 5: Like & Follow WLTHX’s Official Instagram Page:

Step 6: Submit Your BNB Wallet Address to receive rewards


Note: All the Steps are compulsory to participate in the program.

Note: Like, Share and Comment to the Pinned Post.

Bonus Reward (Optional): Anyone who purchases minimum $2 WLTHX tokens during the airdrop, will get 2X bonus tokens + the opportunity to win a grand prize of 2 x $250 at the end of the airdrop campaign.