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    Are you considering constructing a new residential or commercial structure?

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    You can guarantee the access and safety of your construction site workers using scaffolding. When you are ready, talk to us at New England Scaffolding for reliable and efficient scaffolding rental RI.

    About New England Scaffolding

    As the name says, New England Scaffolding is a company that specializes in scaffolding equipment and structures. For more than that 30 years now, we have been offering the best solutions when it comes to access and safety for all construction site workers, visitors, and pedestrians around a site. Talk to us and get systems scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, debris chutes, among others.

    Professional Scaffolding RI

    Some of our key scaffolding equipment include:


    Our general scaffolding structures are designed to help clients to ease access for their site workers while also guaranteeing workers’ safety. You can choose from such items as sidewalk protection, tube & coupler, systems scaffolding, and fabricated frames.


    If you also need shoring equipment, we are the perfect company to get them from. You can hire our shoring systems for emergency repairs, remodeling, and new construction purposes. The structures here include aluminum gass shoring systems, in house engineering, erection and dismantling, wall bracing, and 20k frame shoring.

    Suspended Scaffolding

    Also known as a swing stage, suspended scaffolding is designed to ease access to hard-to-reach spots and accessing structures and buildings with irregular shapes. You can use a swing stage to repair, paint, or clean a tall building that other ladders cannot be used to access.


    We also providea series of containment, abatement, dust control, and weather control structures.

    Temporary Fencing

    For all your temporary fencing needs, we are also the company to talk to. Talk to us for privacy netting, temporary fences, and pedestrian and vehicle gates.

    Debris Chutes

    If you need to clear garbage and debris from your newly completed building, we can get you debris chutes.

    Talk to us today and hire any of our scaffolding structures. Visit our site www.nescaffold.com to contact us.

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