When is fly fishing season?



If you want to catch a lot of fish in spring, you should put the fishing rod in place for predation.

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Tips for spring flying fishing season

To tell the truth, the last thing I like about fly fishing is the unpredictable weather. For a while, you go fishing in a calm 60 degree day. The next day, a cold wind blows and blows in a sudden snowstorm. But if you’ve prepared everything from raincoats to winter coats, spring may be a good time to go into the water. In fact, here are some tips for chunfei fishing. ‎

In depth

If you want to catch a lot of fish in spring, you should put the fishing rod in place for predation. Since the water doesn’t have enough time to warm up after winter, fewer insects hatch in the water. This means that fish will wander deep. So, with a long tap, throw it on some beads and add a pile of weight to make the flies deep. ‎

♪ 2. Find afternoon hatch ♪

I know I just said there will be fewer hatches in spring, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to them. If you happen to find yourself fishing in the warm spring, please pay attention to the insects falling out of the water in the afternoon. Warm weather may raise the water temperature enough to trigger a feeding frenzy of dry flies. So if you start to see fish drinking on the water, trade those fairies for dry flies. ‎

Fish tail water and lakes

With the beginning of spring, we got rid of the cold winter weather, and the snow covered mountains turned into roaring rivers. In other words, spring is coming. So if you’re eager to whip out your flying stick, you need to focus on the lake and tail water (i.e. the river flows out of the dam). ‎

It’s hard to fish. In many cases, it’s just ordinary stupidity. In addition, spring is one of the best periods for fish Lake and tail water, so there is really no reason to fish those turbulent rivers.

‎ 4 – flexible ‎

As I mentioned earlier, the most difficult part of fishing in spring is the unpredictable weather. ‎

Therefore, I do not recommend planning a spring fly fishing trip a few days in advance – to a specific destination. Instead, plan a flying fishing trip, but flexible location. In this way, if the spring storm decides to look up, you can adjust your trip to a place with less snow. ‎