What is Dental Implant?



    The implant is a base that keeps the cover of the tooth in the oral environment, so it has no attachment to the root of its adjacent teeth. It is used as a permanent replacement for missing teeth. Nowadays, dental implants are used to fill in the missing teeth.

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    It should be considered that Dental implants  are made of titanium and, despite being an external member; they are very well adapted to the body. The duration of implant treatment is not the same for all patients. For example, if the patient does not have a bone problem, and his or her jawbone is stable, an emergency tooth implantation will be performed, and the tooth problem will be resolved. The duration of this treatment is one day to one week.  The minimum duration of therapy in this procedure will be three months for the lower jaw and six months for the upper jaw. During this time, surgery and permanent veneer are performed.

    The validity of a dental implant depends on factors such as age, research, and success rate. The best constructor of implants in the world is the United States of America, with a long history of design and construction. Another important thing about a brand’s background is that it can be made from the same brand if it needs to be replaced after a few years. The best brands of dental implants in the world carry out a lot of research studies to meet the patient’s needs in any situation. For diabetic patients, dentist uses most American implants for tooth implantation because of the particular requirements and requirements of the patient in making this type of care. Its bases are made of titanium, and only their purity and surface area are different, if they have a lower purity percentage, they are smaller in price and have a shorter life span; thus failure is probable in treatment. It is best not to use brands that are less used and are not very popular. The brand type is very useful in selecting the base.

    What Are the Different Methods of Tooth Implantation?

     The methods of planting are in two ways:

    -With gingival flap

    – Without gingival flap (flapless)

    In the first method, periodontist cuts the gum to reach the border of the bone. Using a surgical tool, some part of the gum is removed so that he can see the bone drill bit. This method is used when the bone is narrow and requires direct visualization of the bone. The disadvantage of this technique is that pain and injury to the gums and bones will occur.

    If the bone is not narrow and does not have sufficient diameter, the flapless will be used. Since this procedure is digital and performed using a surgical guide, it is without manual error. The guide is positioned like a template on the jaw, causing the jawbone to be greatly reduced in error. Therefore, it will last longer.