What Is A Coaching Psychologist?



A coaching psychologist is a professional who uses psychological principles and strategies to help people achieve certain goals in life.

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A coaching psychologist is a professional who uses psychological principles and strategies to help people achieve certain goals in life. These professionals are known by other names, such as a Life Coach, Executive Coach, or Mentor.

“Coaching psychologists are focused on enhancing the performance of our clients in their personal and professional lives. At times, clients do not know how to approach certain challenges in their lives. People often lack a sense of direction or clear plan for achieving what is important to them. A well-trained and qualified coach should be able to help a person achieve their desired goals using a range of proven techniques. Some of the most commonly used approaches include the Person-centered approach, CBT, Solution-focused brief therapy, amongst others. These therapies sometimes need a bit of time to work but often people can get results quite quickly, especially when highly motivated to attend sessions.” These are comments of Dr Jason Spendelow, who gave some insights into the work of a coaching psychologist.

Another coaching psychologist who has worked in Dr Jason Spendelow’s team commented “CBT is quite a well-known therapeutic intervention, and one that is commonly used with clients. With CBT, patients learn to identify and respond to problematic thinking and behaviour patterns. We also aim to give clients a sense of control and autonomy over their lives. Problems can often be solved. CBT involves helping clients to gain the sense that difficulties are challenges that can be overcome. Clients are often held back by unhelpful thinking, rather than people or things in the outside world. Over time, people can usually differentiate between unhelpful and helpful thinking, they learn to respond effectively to unhelpful patterns.”

“Our approach as coaching psychologists also involves helping people to give up the struggle to control otherwise uncontrollable psychological difficulties. Unpleasant thoughts and feelings are a normal part of life. We can help people stop these phenomena from unduly affecting a person’s life. Sometimes, patients are hyper-aware of these difficult thoughts and feelings. As trained coaching psychologists, we can help people put these thoughts and feelings into perspective. We cannot control everything in life so we help clients decide what can be influenced, focusing their energy into these areas.” Further comments on coaching psychologist by a new coaching psychologist in Dr Spendelow’s team.


Learn about the coaching psychologist’s role from this press release. Dr Jason Spendelow and his team are available to assist you today through their online coaching psychology service.

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