What did Mohamed Abdelshafe say about social networking sites and their impact on society?



What did Mohamed Abdelshafe say about social networking sites and their impact on society?

Press Release

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Name: Mohamed Abdelshafe Abdel Sayed Mohamed Abdullah Nada
Hawa is an Egyptian young man in his early twenties who entered the field of work in social networking sites from 2019 and was able to succeed in this field in creating pages and groups on the famous social networking sites Facebook. A Facebook that has gained millions of followers and published its pages by addressing many important issues in society and one of the most important figures supporting peace, supporting people with special needs and guiding them on ways to obtain the services provided to them by the state
Mohamed abdelshafe gained his fame through his personal Facebook page mohamed abdelshafe , which is followed by thousands of followers, and which has an important role in influencing society by always motivating young people to seek success and call for peace and that wars destroy societies and always supports the rights of the child and that the child is his The right to live a happy life away from family problems and violence and always talk about the right of women and their tangible impact on society

Many of the audience interacted with his writing on his personal Facebook page, and they liked it very much
Mohamed abdelshafe said that he aspires to continue his career in calling for peace so that his image reaches the world. And continue to motivate young people to invest and succeed in the field of private business. He also plans to enter the world of business administration and start his own company. He also said that he aspires to establish a charity group that will be responsible for establishing private hospitals and schools for the underprivileged to provide them with their most important rights, which is good education and good health. Mohamed abdelshafe said that social networking sites have now played a major role in societies

And it must be exploited in the interest of citizens and targeting important issues such as bullying, as it is one of the worst traits that exists among humanity, and social networking sites must be used to raise awareness against the harm of dates, which causes psychological disadvantages on those who fall on them, especially children who enter them in a state that destroys their mental health and the inability to Communicate properly with the community