What are the Anticipated Web Development Trends for 2020?



    Nikitha conducted a survey about what the anticipated web development trends for 2020 will be. The results are summarized in the article below.

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    A recent survey was conducted by Nikitha, a leading web design company in Chennai, on the web development trends of 2020. The results are summarized below.

    1, Voice Search Optimization

    Voice search includes voice-enabled navigation and it is showing an exponential uptick. The best way to achieve voice search recognition is to use FAQs (experts offering SEO service swear by this technique!), creating, long-form and short-form content and ensuring that your website loads quickly. Voice search contains more conversational words and is also longer.

    2, Loading Speed of Pages

    Google has indicated that among two websites having similar content, the faster loading web page is displayed first. People are impatient and bounce rate increases by over 30% when page load time goes up from 1s to 3s! Activating AMP is also another strategy to help mobile sites load quickly.

    3, Responsive design and website security

    Achieving quick loading is useless without a responsive design. Google is also rolling out mobile-first indexing, wherein Google will look at the mobile site first and then go on to rank the desktop site. Further, Google is looking to a future where the web is secure by default and in this, ensuring that a website is secured with SSL is key, as it builds trust.

    4, Chatbots and customer support

    Chatbots and voice assistants have helped brands indulge in omnichannel engagement with users. Consumers prefer ‘live chat’ especially in e-commerce platforms, even when most know that it is chatbot machines who are behind them, answering queries, at least in the initial stages!

    5, Javascript and Python

    Javascript and Python are favoured due to their speed and performance, easy integration and ability to ensure high safety of end products. But each of them has certain disadvantages, as in Python is not good for mobile development, while Javascript has a limited standard library of functions. But they have grown to be some of the most popular programming languages to learn.

    6, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

    PWAs help apps and websites to load even when there is no Internet and help users to complete the task, thereby enhancing the user experience.When connectivity is restored, the operations are completed. PWAs work by storing HTML, CSS and other files in the browser cache.