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August, India - If you are searching for the most Grandeur and luxury wedding invitation cards, then no need to browse further.

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August, India – If you are searching for the most Grandeur and luxury wedding invitation cards, then no need to browse further. King of cards has a wide variety of wedding cards, engagement cards, and personal invitation cards made with high-quality materials and available in best-in-class designs!

There are end numbers of online sellers existing nowadays, so finding the right one is a bit difficult. King of cards is one of the leading suppliers of wedding invitation cards. They offer Premium range of cards with high end detailing and specialized in customized box cards for high profile customers. They make sure that you get satisfied by delivering more than expected in terms of design and detailing for the price.

King of cards offers luxury cards with an extensive collection to suit almost every preference in traditional and modern designs with most appealing including Dry fruits, Chocolates, Premium gifts-silver /gold coin, and Scented candles in the Wedding card Box. They offer wedding invitation cards with below-mentioned extensive features:

  • Audio – With divine music or Customer preferred
  • Audio/Video – made by photography team or Outsourced
  • Individual invites by Name Tags – by laser printing or more options
  • Material used : Acrylic material, MDF and many more.
  • Detailing parts – lockets, cornering pieces, more theme based ideas

A perfect occasion is not only for the bride and the groom, but also for the families involved. It is a union of two families. Get vast collections of luxury and stylish wedding cards online from King of cards.

King of cards have cards for every occasion and at every price range. They also offer add-on items like thambulya bags, potli bags, and other return gift items to be provided to guests for their delightful presence in marriage.

Go and place your order today. For more info, visit!

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Landline: 080 40912931, 080 40934283

Email ID: [email protected]

About the Company:

King of Cards believes that an unforgettable event begins with a memorable invitation card. King of Cards is one-stop shop for invitation cards, as we have extensive range of invitation cards across all segment, price range, event and theme. You can browse the entire collection at our website ( or can physically check our entire collection of invitation card at our company owned outlet in Bangalore. Further, our entire collections of low to mid-range segment invitation cards are also available at 800 retail outlets across the country!