WeCutFoam Offering Low Budget Solution for Cutting Letters, Signs and Décor on a CNC Laser Cutter



WeCutFoam, a Bay Area, CA based company specializing in foam cutting, machining and prototyping, is now offering a low-cost laser cutting turnkey solution for customers in need of signs, logos, letters and décor

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WeCutFoam, established in 2006, a leader of high-quality CNC cutting solutions is now offering fabrication of low-cost signs, letters, logos, props, backdrops and décor. The company, a service provider of foam cutting, machining and prototyping, is offering its services specifically for TED and TEDx event organizers and for any customer with a tighter budget on their hands.

These fabricated designs, cut on a CNC laser cutting machine will be thinner, but can be as large as 8ft projects or more. The signs and letters can be created using various types of materials, including EPS, EPP, PE and XPLE foam, Urethane, EVA, corrugated plastics, acrylics, plexiglass, foam core, and plywood. They can be stand alone, mounted to a wall, or hung from the ceiling. The standalone signs and letters utilize a hidden triangle back support system to provide a baseless aesthetic on stage.

Tal, the company owner says “This is an especially a great solution for TED talks events organizers. Currently, a TED or TEDx sign can cost thousands of dollars if fabricated the old-fashioned way as thick foam letters. Now, utilizing our laser cutting abilities, we can make the signs thinner, faster, and more cost effective for smaller organizations with a tighter budget”.

This laser cutting machine has an advantage over a CNC router milling machine as it holds a  high accuracy, produces fine quality cuts, high processing speed, low deformation of the cutout material and has the ability to cut small shapes. The laser cut design can further be enhanced by placing LED backlights creating a hallow effect and making a statement.

Moving forward, TED organizers are not the only one that can benefit from this low-cost cutting service. This is an affordable solution for sign shops, event organizers, packaging and medical industry professionals, RC Flyers, company meeting organizers, trade shows, and for indoor and outdoor logos and signs needed for any company or occasion. All projects are custom-made according to the customer’s needs, allowing there to be no limit on the size or the artistic requirements.

WeCutFoam is constantly growing and expanding, with more types of machinery being acquired, it is able to offer its services to a wider variety of industry professionals, providing more affordable options to all. For more information on WeCutFoam, visit www.wecutfoam.com, call 408-454-6163 / Toll Free 866-664-9311,