WeCutFoam Launches (CIP) Covid Incentive Program to Assist Trade Show Exhibitors & Event Organizers



WeCutFoam, a Northern, CA based company specializing in foam cutting, machining and prototyping, is offering significant discounts and reduced prices for trade shows and exhibits organizers, fabricators and exhibitors, considering the pandemic economical strain situation impacting the entertainment industry.

Press Release

WeCutFoam announces the launch of a national Covid incentive program (CIP) in an effort to assist trade show and exhibits organizers, designers, fabricators and exhibitors as well as event planners that have been affected by the unprecedented situation brought upon Covid-19 pandemic situation.

This program includes significantly reduced prices with up to 20% off any project consisting of creation of booths and décor for their trade shows displays and exhibits. It will include foam, wood and plastics cutting and machining services, fabrication of letters, logos, signs, displays, backdrops and art work, as well as hard coating and painting services. The discounts will be applied to any custom decorations to promote the company’s name and the message they want to convey to their audience and their customers, while saving money altogether. Large projects are sent in a custom protective reusable crate, to ensure smooth and easy transport.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a major upheaval in the entertainment industry, where events are among the ones that were affected the most by the pandemic, both financially and morally, having productions put on hold or completely shuttered. Unfortunately, some companies who’ve been around for generations had to close, others reduced hours and struggled to get by. This offering by WeCutFoam is meant to ease the process of getting back in business, while companies have limited budgets to work with and customers thinking twice before they approve quotes and fabrication. It also aims to reduce the uncertainty customers may have in these current events climates, by providing the opportunity to engage with customers again.

As events, trade shows, exhibits, company meetings and conferences are slowly coming back, WeCutFoam will work with the customer, the event planner, the exhibit organizer and with production companies to reduce prices, with lower profit margins, and a goal in mind to not turn down any project due to budget concerns.

To learn more about the CIP offer, visit WeCutFoam at www.wecutfoam.com  or call 866-664-9311

WeCutFoam was founded in Silicon Valley, CA in 2006. The company specializes in customized cutting shapes out of various types of materials, using its own line of CNC foam cutters and routers. WeCutFoam creates props for movie sets and theaters, dimensional signs, letters, logos, architectural shapes, museum exhibits, trade show displays and booths, parade floats and more. The company makes full-scale 3D shapes like race cars, planes, boats and props, up to 60′ long and more, providing coating and painting as well.