Weberber Brings The Most Exquisite Hand-Knotted Moroccan Azilal Collections



WeBerber specializes in providing warm & cozy look vintage Azilal rugs collections with lighter background complementing with unusual patterns and colors. They offer a wide range of authentic rugs with numerous styles, designs, and sizes to add an instant touch to your home decor.

Press Release

Rugs from the Azilal province are rare and were almost unknown to the market. They are tough to find and are amongst the most highly sought after Berber tribal rugs. With an exclusive effort and initiative, WeBerber tries to market such unique craft of Morocco reach to the ultimate customers worldwide. They are very passionate about the art of hand-woven rugs, which represents one of the best art forms of Moroccan culture. Each of their rugs and carpets is one-of-a-kind and known for its outstanding quality. WeBerber provides an exclusive range of masterpiece Azilal rugs that truly embellish your interior decoration no matter it is intended to cover your wall as a decorative element or to cover your floor. They help you give your place the warm & cozy look with one of kind authentic Azilal rugs, crafted in Morocco.

Like other Berber rugs, the Azilal rugs have become a popular, more colorful, and alternative to the monochrome BeniOuarain rugs of Morocco. WeBerber made a reputation of supplying exceptional quality Azilal rugs produced in the steep region of the Moroccan High Atlas Mountain. These are the output of the unique skill of Berber tribe women playing with shapes and colors while following their ideas and intuition in Morocco. WeBerber collects unique designs and patterns of Azilal rugs directly from them and lets it reach to interested customers worldwide. It is found to be an elegant and decent decorating element in your living rooms and other domestic purposes. The rugs they provide are single piece, and it has the most prominent feature that brings an exceptional aura to make the interior of any home unique.

A few words from AbdelghaniHammoud, “We are the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family (Rug Merchant) located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, in Khemisset. Our objective is to offer natural, beautiful, rare, and original Moroccan handmade wool rugs to our esteemed clients. As you know, the Azilal rugs are a unique, rare, and high-quality rug that needs a lot of careful work. The  talented women weaversof our region exclusively create it.. The artistic and powerful expression of Berber women is visible on the shapes, patterns, and colors in Azilal rugs and carpets. It will truly bring out the magnificence of any interior decoration styles irrespective of the vintage or contemporary design. We handpick such authentic rugs from the Azilal and Marrakech in the Moroccan province. We also pay special attention to ensure it is coming with excellent finishing touches, made of silky wool, and perfect quality. It can be an abstract painting that adds a rustic and ethnic touch to your home decoration.