Watsoo’s Prithvi AIS-140 – Consistent Tool for improving Fleet Intelligence and Road Security in India



Watsoo IoT has introduced products such as the AIS-140, fuel monitoring system, digital lockers, and load sensors, all of which improve road safety, swift deliveries, and make drivers behaviour road-conscious.

Press Release

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The Indian government has modernised public transportation in recent years, seeing numerous reasons to be concerned about road safety. The requirement that all public vehicles adhere to the Automotive Industry Standard-140 (AIS-140) is one of the key initiatives. Watsoo IoT, a Gurugram-based company, has therefore unveiled its own AIS-140 in an effort to become a strategic ally of the government in ensuring the safety of Indian roads. The AIS-140 GPS features prioritise driver and passenger safety, in line with the goals of the Indian government.

Watsoo’s Prithvi 140 device has been successfully deployed in 18+ Indian states and union territories. Additionally, they are engaged in most of the state mining projects. Therefore, we can say that Watsoo’s device is gaining popularity for making fleet movements smarter.

How is AIS-140 GPS Contributing to making Public Transport Safer?

Logistics are somewhat behind when it comes to the newest technology when all other devices are on par. Consequently, IoT adoption in the transportation sector can aid in the fleet’s intelligence. It’s also a huge boon for all the businesses that rely on commercial vehicles. Businesses can quickly identify any issues with Watsoo’s device. Thus, it adds a dash of technology to improve road safety. For expedited deliveries, it enhances customer satisfaction in addition to cutting down on delivery times.

Fleet managers can optimise routes by utilising features like Geo-fencing on Watsoo’s Prithvi AIS-140 GPS. With this information, they can choose the routes that will result in a delivery that is hassle-free and efficient. Furthermore, you can receive a notification if the driver ever veers off the route. Additionally, the device has functionality for analysing the behaviour of drivers.

What were the reasons for Watsoo to come up with the AIS-140 GPS Device?

For safe and organised public transport, the government has made AIS-140 GPS mandatory. Thus, to help fulfil government initiatives, Watsoo has come up with its own Prithvi AIS-140. Additionally, the company’s one vertical is already logistics, and they understand the need for the implementation of such devices. Thus, they have come up with software in a reasonable price range, so public transportation can easily adopt it.

Supriya Chikkara, CEO of Watsoo IoT, stated that she has shared her objective for introducing the Prithvi AIS-140 GPS. She said, “In the past, Watsoo Express has established a solid reputation for on-time and secure delivery. However, it is now necessary for our organisation to expedite and improve delivery safety, as well as make Indian roads safer. As a result, we have entered a new IoT vertical. As India’s transportation landscape evolves, IoT devices emerge as a transformative force, paving the way for a safer, more advanced, and well-managed public transportation ecosystem.