Waterproofing As An Effect Toll To Avoid The Risk Of Foundation Sinking In Old And New Buildings



the bathrooms, kitchen, and walls are also vulnerable to damage due to water seepage—payback to your home that shelters you with quality waterproofing today

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Kolkata, particularly the northern part of the city, is famous for old buildings. When the city expands its horizons in the eastern and the southern part, where an array of the building has come up, the problem of foundation sinking is looming large. It is both for several old as well as new installations. Most homeowners leave the waterproofing decision to the builder and hardly check on this vital aspect when owning a business. Waterproofing in Kolkata needs a thorough study.

Foundation Settling Or Sinking A Closer Look

When a building is built or standing in its place for several years, some foundation settling is normal. The building creates a load on the soil, resulting in a certain degree of foundation settling. However, when there is abnormal or excessive foundation settling happening for a building, it may affect its strength, and if not dealt with the right way, it may hamper its health.

How Do You Know That Your Building’s Foundation Is Sinking?

Though new building owners may not have to worry too much about the building sinking basement, old building owners have a reason for concern. The best way to avoid more extensive damage is to remain vigilant. Notice any of the following signs:

  • If there is water damp in the basement area.
  • If there are cracks in the walks.
  • If there is water logging in the building basement area.
  • In extreme cases, the building may tilt.

If you note the following signs, it may indicate a building foundation sinking. You may need a professional inspection to ascertain the damage.

The Role Of Waterproofing In Maintaining Foundation Health

Kolkata has a very shallow groundwater level, and several areas are the swamp. The city is extending its fringes to the farthest limits, the importance of waterproofing for the foundation is growing by the days. Waterproofing is essential when the foundation of the building is first laid. If you are into new construction of a building, you must hire a Waterproofing contractor in Kolkata for high-quality foundation waterproofing. It will save your foundation from the long-term damage of waterproofing.

Dealing Water Leakage In Other Areas Of The Building
From the times the humans first built their shelter to the skyscrapers, the risk of nature damaging property still is a possibility. Identifying the areas where water damage is most common will certainly help you prepare better. Apart from the foundation, the roof is the other most vulnerable to water damage.