Warp & Weft International Gears Up To Capitalize On New Digital Opportunities



Warp & Weft International is among the best supply chain companies in Delhi, India known for its unmatchable and innovative supply chain solutions to over 15 locations.

Press Release

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We transforming the Home Décor & Furniture industry and enabling supply chain sustainability. With years of experience in supply chain management, their global reach and knowledge and a strong network of established suppliers in India and clients in 15+ countries around the world, Warp & Weft International (WWI) is all set to successfully switch to digital operations and digital client engagement processes due to the ongoing covid crisis.

The company is gearing up in time to capitalize on new digital opportunities transforming the Home Décor & Furniture industry and enabling supply chain sustainability – the need of the hour post pandemic – focusing on operating platform providing digital solutions and digitally-enabled services across the end-to-end consumer goods supply chain.

WWI is ready with its digital ventures delivering solutions directly to brands, retailers, e-commerce companies, as well as manufacturers and suppliers. The main objective is to identify and invest in technologies that transform global retailing, supply chain and logistics, along with the solutions to cover all aspects of the value chain.

About Warp & Weft International

Warp & Weft International turns a product idea into a reality and bring it into the lives of consumers. We provide 360 degree solutions in design, product development, cost negotiations, identifying suppliers, merchandising, quality control, sustainability checks and logistics. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, their clients get access to the right products at the right time.

Keeping in mind the current scenario, their commitment to supply chain sustainability is not just a priority but a way of doing business. “We are working proactively on implementing sustainability with our partner mills or suppliers, through responsible supply chain solutions. “, says Mr. Chetan Mathur, the CEO for family-owned Warp & Weft International, who has always been ahead of his time with Sustainability as his main objective from the very first day. “This is the time for behavioural shifts, and it starts with the global supply chain. Our goal has always been to reduce the environmental impact of our industry and promote sustainability.”, he adds.

Their product line includes a vast array of Home Fashion Products ranging from soft goods, hard goods to home décor – such as Furniture, Bedding, Cushions, Throws, Curtains, Casual Seating, Floor Coverings, Bath Range, Decorative, Accessories, Tableware, Kitchen and Textiles, to mention a few. Their clients are based out of USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Australia and more.

Media Contact

Company Name        Warp & Weft International

Contact Person          Mr. Chetan Mathur

E mail                       [email protected]

Country                    India

Website                    www.warpweft.international