Wabi Sabi Production Announces The Screening of Award Winning Short Film



A virtual screening of the award winning short film "Disabled Artist Showcase:Creating Our Spaces" directed by disabled award winning filmmaker Emmitt H Thrower.

Press Release

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New York City, NY, January 3, 2023 — On January 21, 2023 (@) 6:30 PM EDT, Wabi Sabi Productions Inc, A 501 (c)3 will be producing a public virtual film screening of the award winning short film “Disabled Artist Showcase: Creating Our Spaces” on Youtube Live.

The film is directed by award winning disabled filmmaker Emmitt H Thrower. The film features four disabled artists/activists. Vocalist and lyricist James Ian and director Dominick Evans both have the rare disease SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy). Dominick has multiple other less visible disabilities. He is non binary and is a part of the trans community. Their music video entitled “Spaces” was sponsored by Genentech as part of the company’s SMA My Way program. The music video won “music video of the year” at the 2022 Wavy Awards held in NYC. James Ian was the vocalist and songwriter of “Spaces” while Dominick Evans was the virtual director. James is a resident of Los Angeles while Dominick is a resident of Ohio.

Leroy Moore Jr. and Keith Jones both have cerebral palsy. They are co-founder of the international organization of disabled musicians and poets called “Krip Hop Nation.” Leroy is currently working on his PhD at UCLA and is also a poet and journalist. Keith Jones is currently planning the launching of “DA CHNL”, a disabled educational and entertainment tv channel available on Roku TV via subscription. The channel will be featuring disability related content. The channel is made more accessible to the disability community by using all the modern technology at its disposal and the more traditional aids such as closed caption, ADR, sign language, etc.

Leroy and Keith created a music video entitled “A Blindman Stood on the Road and Cried” which is a tribute to the late Josh White Sr.’s song with the same name. The lyrics were written by Leroy Moore Jr. and the music was composed by Keith Jones. The music video was shot in Los Angeles , Ca by Erick Matus and produced by Wabi Sabi Productions Inc. The concept was created by the director Emmitt H Thrower. Both of the described music videos are featured in the documentary.

Film Trailer and event details
Event Link Youtube Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVEgFaaCaOY