Vspagy Facilitates The Smooth Creation Of Engaging And Interactive Video Content



Vspagy is the next generation technology initiative of Acadian Technologies Private Limited, with personalization and interactivity at its core.

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Vspagy is a conversational messaging platform that is particularly designed to allow businesses to maximize customer engagement by adding data driven personalization and advanced interactivity to videos. This company specializes in Enterprise video communication.

People can enrich their videos with interactivity pretty easily through Vspagy and provide their customers with the ability to interact with video content through variety of tools and features. These features include hotspot, branching, data input, 360° view, quizzes and more. The power of interactive videos lies in its situation control aspect. It essentially transforms its storyline according to the interest of the viewers. No matter the form it might be, an interactive video would share the power to converse with the customers/end users in a smooth and impactful manner. This makes them completely different from a traditional linear video where the audience participation is restricted to watching only. There are many advantages of to adding interactivity to videos through platforms like Vspagy.  The top advantageous features of interactive video content include their high impact and explorative aspect. They can be gamified with ease and are fully trackable. Interactive video content can level up the engagement level of a website to a good extent.

By creating interactive video content through Vspagy, people can easily engage their customers through conditional story telling.  Such videos allow the viewers to create their own narrative rather than watching passively. In conditional videos, decision making lies with the viewer. Based on the answers given, the story moves further. In these videos, the viewers become an active participant and influences what happens instead of passively watching. Vspagy facilitates easy customization of video content to match the preferences of the customers on the basis of their choices ending with matching CTA, thus offering a more attractive and personalized experience. One can create Personalized GIF  through Vspagy as well.

Contact at Vspagy +91-120-4121301 or +91-9193155912.

About the company:

Vspagy is the next-generation technology initiative of Acadian Technologies Private Limited.