Voolsy Screen Launches Cinema Lobby Display Solution for Movie Theater



    Voolsy Screen, a smart and efficient digital signage software solution provider is ending 2019 on a good note for theatres and movie-lovers! Replace the boring static movie posters with digital screens to show upcoming movie trailers and reviews.

    Press Release

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    Movies are a sought-after entertainment mode for people since ages. The experience of watching a movie that theatres offer is enhancing day by day. While we keep more focus on how the movie-goers feel inside the theatre hall while watching it, what goes out of it is also important.

    Often the waiting areas have posters lined up on the upcoming movies or they might have the photos of named celebrities who are a fan of your theatre. Taking this a step further, Voolsy Screen has come up with a Digital Signage software solution using which variety of content can be displayed on digital screens and the static posters can be replaced in the waiting area.

    Moviegoers tend to spend named minutes in the waiting lobbies. The Digital screens at the waiting area can be used in multiple ways to show the trailers of the upcoming movies, named reviews on the released movies or anything worthful related to cinema for that matter. It is economic since you save on the paper printing costs too. The solution is simple to understand and easy to manage. Screens across multiple locations can be managed easily from the dashboard. Content can be scheduled well in advance.

    With this solution, the content across multiple screens can be managed or updated with ease. Be it images, HTML or videos, Voolsy Screen supports all these formats.

    “Its high time that the appealing view which movie-goers seek inside the theatre when they are watching the movie is also transmitted to the time while they are waiting for it. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect to your audience and a right way to go for it.” says Smit Nebhwani, Founder and CEO, Voolsy Screen.

    The biggest advantage of this solution in the theatres is that it keeps your audience more engaged while they are waiting. Irrespective of your static poster, the content on digital screens is constantly changing, showing videos or any other better things related to movies.  This solution can also be used in the Food-court area in theater for the menu display. Flexible updates to the menu items and prices can be made.

    Adding to this, the solution opens the partnership opportunities for theatres with several entities in the entertainment world since it’s a great mode to reach to audience. “Its not just limited to posters of upcoming movies. Exciting new offers, contests and reviews can be broadcasted, and more turn-up can be expected. It’s a complete package delivering excellent operational efficiency, stepping up theatre experience and adding to your revenues indirectly.” says Smit.