Urban Skin Clinic Rolls Out PRP for People Battling with Signs of Ageing



Urban Skin Clinic adds PRP procedures to their long list of skin and beauty treatments in Sydney, Bankstown and surrounding areas.

Press Release

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Urban Skin Clinic, based in Bankstown, launches a new service – PRP facial. Platelet-rich plasma is a type of facial treatment that rejuvenates the skin and makes it healthier. The skin treatment clinic already specialises in laser hair removal, RF skin tightening, hydro facial, eyebrow shaping and various other treatments. This new addition aims at helping people to undergo skin rejuvenation treatment without invasive procedures.

PRP Sydney holds potential benefits for anyone battling the signs of ageing. The expert team at Urban Skin Clinic harnesses the latest technology to boost the body’s natural process of healing. Following are the advantages of PRP:

  • PRP enhances rejuvenation. The procedure improves collagen production and smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines.
  • PRP targets delicate areas such as under the eye. Signs of ageing prominently appear under the eye.
  • PRP does not require bandages or surgical procedures. The body’s natural elements play a main part in the healing process.

Urban Skin Clinic works on small targeted areas including non-healing wounds and scars. For décolletage, neck or face, this is the best treatment available. The skin treatment guides patients through the procedure and provides prompt service upon visible side effects.
The professionals personalise the treatment according to the patient’s requirements. They recommend a suitable plan and lay out the special considerations. With trained aestheticians, one can have a seamless experience. To know more, please visit https://urbanskinclinic.net.au/.

About Urban Skin Clinic: Urban Skin Clinic is a skin and beauty treatment clinic offering a wide range of skincare solutions in and around Sydney, Bankstown and Canterbury areas. The clinic specialises in fat removal, anti-wrinkle injectables and has recently launched PRP. For more information, contact Urban Skin Clinic!