Trusted Yacht Delivery – Best boat captain service provider in Jupiter



    Trusted yacht Delivery is the best boat captain service provider in Jupiter.

    Press Release

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    Trusted yacht Delivery is the best boat captain service provider in Jupiter. Trusted Yacht delivery is founded by Captain Dave Subers who is an expert in boat delivery service. He is also having USCG 100 – ton master license. Trusted Yacht delivery has many experienced boat captain to provide the boat captain service for your boat delivery needs. Trusted Yacht Delivery is providing their boat captain service for their customers in Florida and Stuart. Their boat captains have many years of experience in transporting powerboats and motor vessels.

    Services offered by Trusted Yacht Delivery

    For their customers convenience Trusted Yacht Deliver also uses latest Satellite technology service, through which their customers can monitor the real time location of their boat during delivery. This technology also enables their customers to communicate with the boat captain, even when the boat is out of cellular communication. Some other services offered by Trusted Yacht Delivery are Vessel – Port- to-Port Delivery and Repositioning for boat shows.

    Advantages of Trusted Yacht Delivery

    Boat captains in Trusted Yacht Delivery will deliver their customers boat on time. They always give more importance safety while transporting their customer boat. All their boat transportation work will be professional, which means they deliver the boat on time. Most of the time Trusted Yacht Delivery Transport their customer’s boat during daylight and their captains always choose the safest route  while considering the weather conditions of the route. The main advantage of hiring boat captains in Trusted Yacht Delivery is it is more cost effective than shipping your vessel.

    Cancellation Policy

    Trusted Yacht Delivery has the rights to cancel or postpone the boat delivery while considering so many factors like weather conditions and unsafe vessel condition.  They will take all efforts to reschedule the boat delivery in case if the boat delivery is postponed. If their customers cancel the reservation then Trusted Yacht Delivery will deduct 50 percentage of the amount from the refund.

    About Trusted Yacht Delivery

    Trusted Yacht Delivery is a leading boat captain service provider in Jupiter. Their boat captains will deliver their customer boat to the ports in Gulf Coast, Caribbean and Bahamas or any of these ports their choice. Some of their captain has mechanical degrees with necessary skill set which makes them meet their customers’ requirements.  They also inspect their customer’s boat completely to provide safe boat transportation. For more information, visit


    4726 SE Capstan Avenue,
    Stuart, FL  34997
    Phone:  +1 855-373-0700