TRON Blockchain Features and Benefits



In this article, we discuss the various benefits of TRON blockchain for Shiftal investors and users.

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Shiftal Coin is a TRC-20 token created on the TRON blockchain and intended to be used as the native coin for the Shiftal peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. In this article, we discuss the various benefits of TRON blockchain for Shiftal investors and users,

What is TRON and why is Shiftal coin using TRON?

TRON is a blockchain that was created as a decentralized platform for creators to be rewarded more and fairly for their efforts. For one, the TRON blockchain provides a middleman-free platform for content creators and users/viewers to connect and interact directly with each other. This ensures that creators get paid fairly for their efforts.

The TRON blockchain uses TRX, which is a digital currency with the ability to make low-cost and fast global payments, to ensure timely and transparent payments to content creators.

Though TRON was originally invented for creating and sharing media content, including photos, videos, images, content, etc., it eventually evolved to become a decentralized platform for creating a wide range of decentralized applications (DApps). Besides as a digital currency for payments, TRX can be used to gain access to the various features of the blockchain platform.

Why Shiftal Coin is based on TRON (TRON blockchain benefits)

Fast & low-cost payments

Being a TRC-20 token, SFL can be used for payments within the ecosystem. The main use of the Shiftal coin is for the payment of fees for trading and platform charges on the Shiftal exchange. Payments with SFL are free of any charges, and the network can process up to 2,000 transactions per second.

Shiftal coin for rewards

Since the TRON blockchain was primarily created with the aim to fairly reward content creators for their efforts, Shiftal coin has the built-in feature to be used to reward traders on the Shiftal platform. SFL is also enabled to reward holders who choose to lock their tokens in the contract.

Shiftal coin as real money

Thanks to TRC-20, SFL acts as a digital currency for the store and exchange of value. Theoretically, you can use the Shiftal coin to buy things, including other compatible cryptocurrencies.


TRON is an ever-growing blockchain network created for scaling, which means the Shiftal coin can easily adapt to the future needs and potential of the Shiftal exchange.

Cross-chain compatibility

Since the TRON network is compatible with Ethereum, all TRC-20 tokens, including the Shiftal Coin, can seamlessly interact with ERC-20 tokens and many other blockchains. This means, trading SFL is easy and feasible on a number of exchange platforms.