Total Antivirus Defender FREE for Android: a new release 2.6.6 is online.



Some days ago a new update was released for Android, with new features and improvements. It checks in a simple way if a malware such as virus, trojan, or backdoor has owned a device. Over 2,500,000 users have already used this Antivirus for Android with great satisfaction.

Press Release

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Total Antivirus Defender FREE for Android, the popular app to protect devices against viruses and malware, has been updated to release 2.6.6. It is now available for download on Google Play. A new version of this Antivirus for Android has just been released some days ago and has been made available for download on smartphones and tablets with the OS by BigG.


Total Antivirus Defender comes with several features and improvements. With this app, any Android user can detect malware in a very simple way (virus, trojan, backdoor). The latest releases of this app have also a nice Dark Mode (or Dark Theme).


This free antivirus is a very important and useful tool to bring the top protection level on Android devices. It can run both on smartphones and tablets. This is a simple but effective app. And it’s FREE.


Over 2,500,000 users have already downloaded Total Antivirus Defender FREE, and used this security and antivirus protection for Android with great satisfaction.


What about the key features?

Total Antivirus Defender for Android is a useful app that gives:

1) a real and complete security solution for any device (both smartphones and tablets);

2) an easy to use software, to detect several kinds of malware (virus, trojan, backdoor, spyware, and other malware);

3) a simple way to keep safe apps, documents and files.


Why does a user need an app as Total Antivirus Defender for Android?

Because, if a virus infects a device as smartphone or tablet:

1) it can compromise security of user’s data, and also privacy;

2) it can waste money, sending SMS from the mobile device (that have their cost);

3) the user’s activity can be tracked by malicious attackers;

4) the user’s accounts and passwords can be stolen;


Total Antivirus Defender promises to be the most complete security solution for Android. It is easy to use, fast and light.


Available for download on Google Play: