Top Ten Reasons to Study in Canada



Top Ten Reasons to Study in Canada

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  1. Canada has a number of the highest colleges and universities within the world. Consultancy for Canada In Nepal: According to THE (The Higher Education) magazine, Canada has the reputation for a few of the best institutes of upper education within the entire world.

2. Affordable Options

While the standard of education in Canada is amongst the very best within the world, the value of living and tuition fees for international students are still generally less than in other countries like the uk and therefore the us .

3. Employable Skills Once You Graduate

According to the Council of Canadian Educators, “Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality control mean that you’re going to be earning a high-quality education which will open doors for your future and benefit your career over the future . A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being like those obtained from the us or Commonwealth countries.”

So once obtaining a degree in Canada, you’ve got received a degree of serious value which indicates that you simply possess the requisite skill during a competitive workplace.

4. Canada may be a Welcoming Country

Canada recently invested ten times their usual budget to draw in foreign students to Canada. This country is committed to welcoming more foreign students due to the benefit that these students bring back our country. Canada views foreign students as enriching our country in some ways , as we thrive in an environment where people from different cultures mutually enjoy coming to our country.

5. Beautiful Country

Forbes Magazine reported on July 2, 2013 that Canada was the amount one ranked country for “the degree to which individuals trust, admire, respect and have an honest feeling for a specific place or their emotional bond to the country.” Canada is that the second largest country within the world. it’s beautiful ocean front views, glorious water lakes and rivers, mountains and plains.

6. Strong Economy

According to Chris Ridell writing for the National Post, the explanations for Canada being ranked at the highest of the G-7 nations is:

“The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development labelled Canada the simplest place within the G7 nations to start out a business, and because of an open immigration policy it’s comparatively easy to enter the country. Add a robust banking industry , growing job market, and high standard of living, and it’s no wonder.”

7. Respect for Human Rights

Canada prides itself on a legal and form of government that promotes and provides a healthy respect for human rights founded on the principle that we are all equal.