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    Environmental Compliance Equipment is an elite company that designs, develops, and implements industrial wastewater systems.

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    Environmental Compliance Equipment is an elite company that designs, develops, and implements industrial wastewater systems. Wastewater treatment involves various processes with the sole purpose of converting any liquid into water that can be used for other purposes. People use different technologies such as Nano-Bubbler, Clear Flow Systems, Water Right Systems, and many more for their wastewater management needs. By understanding every stage of water treatment, you will get a clear idea of what this is all about.


    Primary Treatment:

    Initially, the wastewater undergoes sedimentation, which removes the fine organic solids from the wastewater. The process takes place in big sedimentation tanks for the solid particles to settle down at the bottom. The shape of the tank can be square, circular, or rectangular. The solid matter settled at the bottom becomes sludge, which is then removed using scrappers and moved into cylindrical tanks. Then the sludge is removed from the tanks and used for other purposes, and water goes to the further stage of treatment.


    Secondary Treatment:

    It involves the removal of fine and dissolved colloidal organic matter with the help of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae. These microbes help in the decomposing of organic matter to stable organic farms. The effluent which left the sedimentation tank is processed to remove the organic matter. In the end, the remaining organic matter turns into big particles and settles at the bottom. This helps to separate it from the remaining water. Sometimes, chlorine is used to disinfect the effluent to complete the secondary treatment process.


    Tertiary Treatment:

    In this stage of the process, it is ensured that it is free from the suspended and dissolved substance. The effluent from the secondary stage is somewhat safe to release it in the environment, but it necessary to go through the tertiary stage for the following reasons. It can remove impurities up to 99% of impurities, the output is very close to drinking water, to remove the hazardous nitrogen and phosphorous compounds, and to meet the standard of specific countries.



    Environmental Compliance Equipment is a leading company that specializes in designing, developing, and maintaining industrial wastewater systems worldwide. The company products last very long with minimal downtime and a minimal part of the replacement. Quality and customer satisfaction are the company’s top priority. For more details about wastewater treatment visit,



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