Tips To Increase Your Website Speed



    Tips To Increase Your Website Speed

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    1. Decreasing image size

    If we increase the image size and all the images are in MB. So it would become difficult for the servers to react at a faster rate. And this would decrease the page speed.

    So to reduce the page speed,

    • We can keep the images in JPG format, instead of PNG format.
    • With the help of special tools, we can keep the quality of image high.


    1. Caching

    This allows to store the received data from the server in the browser for some time. This method allows not taking data from the server and fills the data automatically. This practice allows to reduce the server load and increases the page speed.

    3.   Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

    By optimizing your code, like you can remove unnecessary characters(removing space, comma).We should also remove the unused code. This will directly help you to increase the page speed.

    4.   Reduce redirects

    Each time a page is redirected it faces an extra loading time. This should be reduced and it will drastically improve the page speed.

    5.   Remove render-blocking JavaScript

    Browsers have to build a DOM tree by parsing HTML before they can render a page. If your browser encounters a script during this process, it has to stop and execute it before it can continue.

    6.   Improve server response time

    The server response time is affected by the amount of traffic the website faces, number of pages used by the website, server used by the website and the hosting solution used by the website. So if we optimize all these well, our website speed is definitely going to improve.

    7.   Use a content distribution network

    Content distribution networks (CDNs), also called content delivery networks, are networks of servers that are used to distribute the load of delivering content. Essentially, copies of your site are stored at multiple, geographically diverse data centers so that users have faster and more reliable access to your site.

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