Tips To Apply Natural Tanners by Luxe Body Tanning



The LuxeBody Bronzing Mousse is the best natural self tanner made with all-natural components. It is highly recommended for people with light to medium skin tones or who wish to have a natural tan without having to undergo any kind of expensive treatments.

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Natural self-tanners, as the name suggests, can give you a nice bronzed hue without you needing to bask in the hot sun for hours. A natural sunless tan is safe as your skin is not subjected to direct sunlight which may contain ultraviolet light as well. Also, body cells tend to be damaged when subjugated to high heat and temperature.

LUXE BODY Tanning lists the following tips to follow for a smooth body tan:

Exfoliating means shaving and scrubbing for smooth skin. This is important for a smooth tan. If the body has dry patches, it may result in an uneven tan with might look fake.

It is not recommended to apply a tanner right after exfoliating. Wait for at least five to six hours before applying the tanner. This will ensure that the pores don’t darken more than the surrounding skin.

Always wear gloves while using the best natural face tanner. If you do not have a pair of gloves, apply lotion to your bare hands. Make sure you wash your hands with soap after applying the tanner to each section. This will make sure you do not stain and turn orange.

It is very important to apply the tanner in thin even layers. If not done properly, this might result in the specific body sections tanning more than usual, thus turning dark in colour than a natural sunless tan.

Let the skin soak in the tanner. Wait at least 15 minutes before putting clothes on and three hours before getting wet (and sweating).

Hope these tips will help you get the tan that you have always desired.

LUXE BODY has a wide range of the best natural face tanners and body tanners. Our products are vegan, chemical-free, and safe to use with no harmful side effects. They are made with naturally derived DHA which ensures a beautiful bronzed tan. Now you can enjoy a Natural Sunless tan without wasting time lying naked in the sun.

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