Tips for Schools window and glass cleaning



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    It is a known fact: glass and mirrors accumulate dirt very quickly, even when they are frequently cleaned. Moreover, despite the meticulous and regular cleaning, the glass hardly appears bright due to streaks and residues. The choice of the most suitable tools depends on the surfaces: in normal cases you can operate by following these tips, while for the most difficult cases it is advisable to contact a professional Commercial Cleaning Companies.

    For example, in our Schools window and glass cleaning service we strictly use microfiber cloths rather than other types of materials. For this, as a tip, avoid paper towels or newspaper because they leave streaks more easily. Perhaps not everyone knows this because many use crumpled sheets of newspaper to clean the glass. Definitely better than paper towels, but the microfiber cloth is without a doubt better. Certainly the ink does not stain the glass, as this does not absorb it, but the newspaper has other defects: we must avoid rubbing the newspaper on the window frames because sometimes the newspaper can cause more or less serious scratches.

    How to proceed with window and glass cleaning

     Glass and Schools Window Cleaners in Coventry. Cleanings a first step you need to recover all the glass cleaning products : white vinegar, water (preferably distilled), spray bottle or a basin, microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth, soft brush . When cleaning windows, it is good practice to spread a towel on the windowsill, which is particularly important when the windowsill is in wood.

    A detergent solution is then created by mixing one part of vinegar and four parts of water. It is sprayed onto the cleaning cloth, or the cloth is immersed in the solution by squeezing it to eliminate excess liquid. If the size of the glass is too large or if you are using the newspaper it is better to spray the solution directly on the glass.

    How to clean very dirty glass

    To clean extremely dirty glass, better start cleaning with microfiber and detergent solution, whether industrial or home-made, and then finish by polishing the glass with a crumpled sheet of newspaper. When using an industrial product, look for one that does not contain ammonia. If there is a waxy film on the glass, you can mix two cups of water, a quarter cup of vinegar and half a cup of liquid dish soap. Or mix two tablespoons of white vinegar and denatured alcohol, a teaspoon and a half of cornstarch in a cup of hot water, keeping it in a spray bottle and shaking it before each use. Commercial Window Cleaning in Coventry  and glass cleaning