Thinkubate Launched by Nityanand Gopalika Incubates Startups Started by Student Entrepreneurs



IIT alumni, business strategy consultant and angel investor Nityanand Gopalika has launched Thinkubate incubation center to incubate student startups.

Press Release

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Gurgaon, India ., November 19, 2020 — Thinkubate , a startup incubator launched by IIT alumni and angel investor Nityanand Gopalika, nurtures aspiring young college students with innovative startup ideas to become successful entrepreneurs. Students need not wait till graduation, employment or experience anymore if they aspire to become a young entrepreneur straight out of college. Now all they need is one smart business idea shortlisted by Nityanand Gopalika of Thinkubate to launch their startup. Now college going students with brilliant brains and promising business ideas can launch their own startups and become entrepreneurs even while studying if their business ideas are selected by Thinkubate for incubation. Nityanand Gopalika, an IIT Kanpur alumni, has helped Indian startup ecosystem reach a new milestone with his launch of Thinkubate incubation center for students.

Students with good business ideas struggle to give shape to their dreams. They find it very hard to get funding, advice and support from VCs, angel investors etc due to competition and lack of expertise. Thinkubate gives them a chance to give shape to their ideas before hitting the market with their product or service. Nityanand Gopalika’s incubation centre is a gift for these ambitious young aspiring student entrepreneurs. Startup ecosystem is slowly but steadily evolving in India with startup friendly policies of the government and active venture capitalists like Nityanand Gopalika. Thinkubate is opening new avenues and possibilities for energetic young students. There can be no better time than now to launch a startup incubator when India’s prime minister Mr Narendra Modi is determined to unleash the creative potential of the nation’s young talent through mission Atmanirbhar Bharat.

“Incubators are one of the important pillars of Atmanirbhar Bharat. With 1.3 billion people in India and more than 1.4 million schools, 10,500 engineering and related institutions, and 39,000 colleges spread across 715 districts, more than 150 million students will be entering the workplace over the next 5-10 years. It is very important to provide these young students and budding innovators an opportunity to be able to exercise and unveil their creative potential, their thirst and passion for coming up with innovative solutions for solving an existing problem that they see, or for improvising upon a solution that they think is necessary in existing solutions that are already there.” said Mr. R Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission speaking about the role of Incubators in India.

Nityanand Gopalika
Gurgaon, India
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